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Ray Allen Quick Release Leather Harness

Ray Allen Quick Release Leather Harness

Feb 9th 2022

If there’s one thing K9 handlers love, it’s a high-quality leather harness. But if there’s one downfall about leather harnesses (and many other harnesses), it’s that they can be difficult to put on and take off, especially if your K9 is excited to get to work.

Luckily for all of the K9 handlers out there who are frustrated with their current harness, we created the  Quick Release Leather Harness.

Get To Work Fast With Ray Allen K9 Equipment

The Leather Harness with Side Release Buckle is nearly identical to our Leather Tracking Harness, with one main exception. This dog harness features stitched and riveted quick release clips on both sides of the chest, allowing for easy on / off use when time is of the essence in the field.

These brass side buckles allow handlers to quickly and easily load and unload their working dog into the harness. There’s no more struggling to slip your dog’s legs through the piece! All you have to do is clip the quick-release buckles to load your dog in and unclip them to take your dog out.

Similar to the Ray Allen Double Layer Leather Harness, our Leather Harness with Side Release Buckle features a top handle made of thick northern hide leather that allows handlers to have more control over their working dogs. Whether you’re working on bite training or in the field on a search and rescue operation, the handle gives you a comfortable grip, and control of your K9.

Along with the heavy-duty handle, this K9 harness boasts three brass D-rings. There’s a D-ring up top, one in the middle, and one in the front of the harness. These rings give handlers multiple options for leash attachment.

For example, you can attach a leash or line to the front ring to keep your dog’s nose closer to the ground for detection work. Or you can run the leash off the top or middle ring for Schutzhund training.

We specifically chose to use tight-grain leather throughout the harness to ensure it’s nearly water-impermeable. Like our Biothane Multifunction Harness, this is a fantastic piece to use in inclement weather because you can trust that water won’t sink in and degrade the material.

If you need to purchase a few harnesses for your K9 unit or haven’t yet decided which harness to buy, be sure to check out our Harness Comparison Chart to see all of your options available from Ray Allen.

A Comfortable Harness For Your Working Dog

As industry leaders in high-quality K9 gear, our design and manufacturing teams know that K9s need to stay comfortable while they’re in the field. So we designed this dog harness (and many of our other harnesses) with a padded chest plate.

The comfortable chest plate is part of the harness’s three-strap system (two straps on either shoulder attached to the chest plate and one running underneath the dog’s legs) that helps evenly distribute your dog’s weight when they’re loaded into the harness.

No matter how hard your working dog pulls, you can rest easy knowing the harness will stay comfortable and secure.

We also included five points of adjustment in this harness to meet the needs of your growing K9. It’s available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes (ranging from 20” to 40” in girth) to fit most working dog breeds.

Be sure to view our helpful harness sizing graphic to ensure you get the right fit for your dog.

If you love leather harnesses but hate the inconvenience of loading and unloading your dog into them, be sure to buy our Leather Harness with Side Release Buckle today.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs for over 70 years.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.