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Ray Allen Manufacturing's Ultimate Harness - Most Durable Tactical K9 Harness

Ray Allen Manufacturing's Ultimate Harness - Most Durable Tactical K9 Harness

Oct 14th 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing’s Ultimate Harness is renowned in the police and working dog community for being incredibly durable and holding up to wear and everyday use. Most dogs on the force tend to be deeper-chested GSDs and energetic Malinois, and the straps on this harness can accommodate both a wider chest and higher shoulders, and account for repeated strain on the stitching through takedowns or damage sustained during bite work training, tracking, or crawling through various terrain.

Any dog leaping from a heeled position or breaking into a run will need full range of motion in his legs and armpit area. This harness tapers into the dog’s chest, and the breastplate is optional, thus eliminating strain, pulling, or bulk as your dog pushes into forward drive, turns, or crouches. If your dog is working a decoy or suspect, needs to scoot under a fence or vehicle, or move through brush or forest, the harness is built so it won’t cut into his underside or reduce circulation. All handles and straps are stitched into the MOLLE webbing as a singular, flexible piece, and you can feel the quality of the tailoring hold tight as you lift your dog over obstacles or as pressure is exerted on the straps.

A unique feature of the Ultimate Harness is that we’ve sewn ¼” spacer mesh through the inside, which acts as a cushion of airflow. Your dog’s fur isn’t smashed down under the material of the harness, and the spacer mesh serves as a cooling mechanism so your dog won’t overheat under strenuous activity. The cushioning also stabilizes the harness, so if you are adding medical bags, hydration packs , or other unevenly weighted gear to the G-Hook system, the weight won’t shift the harness uncomfortably or painfully as your dog works. Fitting it to your dog is simple, as the chest and belly straps feature GT Cobra Buckles, load-rated at 500 lbs., made of high strength polymer with no metal springs or hinges to dig into your dog’s sides with added weight.

The top and side panels of the harness have ample space for VELCRO® department placards and ID patches, and Ray Allen carries harness extensions to fit taller or bigger dogs. A standard chest strap for the Ultimate Harness is 26”-32”. Use this harness as a comfortable  service dog vest. It's a reliable uniform for a SAR mission, and work easily knowing your dog will stay cool, secure, and comfortable. And you won’t need to invest in another duty harness for the life of your partner.