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Ray Allen Double Layer Leather Harness

Ray Allen Double Layer Leather Harness

Jan 26th 2022

Our team at Ray Allen Manufacturing knows hardcore working dogs need durable and long-lasting gear, and the last thing K9 handlers want to do is replace their dog harnesses year after year. That’s why we created the Double Layer Leather Harness.

The Ultimate One-Time Purchase

Just like all of our K9 gear, we designed this harness to be nearly indestructible and withstand a lifetime of rugged use for working dogs of all sizes.

As the name suggests, the Double Layer Leather Harness is stitched with two layers of Northern hide leather throughout the piece, ensuring the harness holds up through the toughest K9 training sessions and demanding real-world scenarios.

But just because this harness is basically bomb-proof doesn’t mean that it’s uncomfortable for your working dog! The padded front breastplate keeps your K9 comfortable while allowing for full range of motion. Plus, this front piece is removable should you ever need to replace it (but we’re confident that’ll never be the case).

Along with the padded chest plate, the front of the harness has three straps as opposed to one. This reduces strain on your working dog’s chest and shoulders if they ever start to pull or suddenly lunge at something.

As your dog grows, so can the Double Layer Leather Harness. Unlike many other harnesses, this harness has five attachment points allowing you to easily resize the harness as your dog gets bigger and more muscular.

All of the attachment points are outfitted with heavy-duty stainless steel hardware which add to this harnesses’ durability.

This harness comes in three sizes ranging from 22” up to 40” to fit any K9 in your unit. You can ensure you get the right fit by viewing our harness sizing guide.

One Harness for All of Your K9 Needs

In addition to manufacturing this harness for lifetime use, we strategically placed the three O-rings so that dog trainers and handlers can use a single harness for a variety of different K9 tasks.

For example, a K9 handler can attach their leash to the chest O-ring for tracking duties, while the top O-ring is added for use in Schutzhund training or police dog work.

Because K9 handlers can remove the front chest plate, the harness is perfect for situations where dogs and handlers need to run a little lighter. It’s ideal for use during training sessions on hot summer days or in situations where your working dog will be tracking through thick brush.

With so many versatile uses, our Double Layer Leather Harness is truly the last harness you’ll ever need to buy. But, if you’re interested in browsing your other K9 harness options, be sure to check out Ray Allen’s Harness Comparison Chart.

Why Ray Allen?

Specializing in K9 tactical gear and training equipment, Ray Allen Manufacturing is dedicated to producing the highest-quality, American-made, military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.

If you need working dog gear that’ll hold up for decades, look no further than Ray Allen.