Nylon Working Dog Leads - Police and Tactical Product Review - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Nylon Working Dog Leads - Police and Tactical Product Review

Nylon Working Dog Leads - Police and Tactical Product Review

Aug 6th 2020

Nylon leads and leashes are a popular choice amongst dog handlers in the police and military. But for hardcore working dogs, does this light, webbed material meet the demands for strength and versatility that handlers need in a leash?

When it comes to nylon leads, Ray Allen does it differently. Here are our top picks for nylon working leads.

Police Lead

Ray Allen’s Police Lead is intended for multi-functional use. With three stainless steel rings and two clips load-rated at 600 lbs., the handler can loop the lead back around itself in several ways: create a handle for quick resistance, wrap and clip the lead around their waist for hands-free maneuvering, or extend the lead around a tree or fence to function as an impromptu tie-out.

Called a ‘police lead’ because it is popular with K9 units, this lead is not intended for novice handlers. It is meant to be wielded for superior control, and the amount of hardware on the leash can be cumbersome if not used to anchor a dog properly.

Crafted of double-layered, U.S.-made nylon, this lead is heavy-duty, yet pliable.
Ray Allen doubles the weight of our box stitching (from a standard 69-weight thread to a 139 thread) that attaches the hardware; you can wield this leash knowing it will not fray, snap, or break.

(View Police Lead at 0:20)

Nylon Working Lead

Ray Allen’s second choice for a nylon lead is the 2 Layer-Nylon Working Lead, that also features that heftier box stitching to interlock the stainless steel hardware. We’ve sewn a D-ring right into the handle, so you can clip the lead back onto itself or shorten or extend its length if you are walking, leading, or heeling your canine, or hitch two dogs together for a tandem walk.

This leash does well in wet conditions; while some nylon can become slippery when wet, the two layers on this leash give it some grip when folded over for a better grab. And the lightweight nature of nylon lets it dry more quickly than a leather lead, so keep a couple in your trunk, backpack, or cargo pocket for all-terrain use.

(View Nylon Working Lead at 3:04)

Tactical Deployment Nylon Leash

Lastly, Ray Allen makes a quick-release Tactical Deployment Nylon Leash: Also sewn with reinforced box stitching, this leash is a 1-layer nylon, but at 1,000 lb. load rating.

With sturdy brass snaps and a slick Cobra buckle, this leash can unclip to become a shorter training tab.

This leash has awesome strength, with a built-in handle at the bottom for better management of those equally strong dogs. We’ve colored the tab red to identify the piece as separate from the leash itself, and with the Cobra buckle integrated as hardware, this leash won’t accidentally unclip unless both ears of the buckle are pressed.

(View Tactical Deployment Leash at 3:54)

Nylon leads are classic, easy-to-use dog leashes that are surprisingly durable and lightweight.

These three mainstays by Ray Allen ensure the best training and handling.

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