Nomad I.H.S. Woobie Jacket™ - Waterproof Liner Canine Poncho - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Nomad I.H.S. Woobie Jacket™ - Waterproof Liner Canine Poncho

Nomad I.H.S. Woobie Jacket™ - Waterproof Liner Canine Poncho

Jun 9th 2020

The Ray Allen Nomad Woobie Jacket™ (also known as a ‘poncho liner’), comes from a long line of weatherproof, military-issued muslin, canvas, or quilted nylon ponchos that could be used as a makeshift shelter, sleeping bag, or other protection from the elements for soldiers in harsher deployments.

The woobie’s versatility and popularity has launched it into the civilian world, where it is popular with hunters and avid campers. Now, your K9 can come up north with you in Ray Allen’s Nomad Woobie Jacket™.

(See Nomad Harness Woobie Jacket demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

Our woobie is an all-weather cape that traps and encapsulates your dog’s body heat, even when damp or wet. It is lightweight and can be easily folded to fit in rucksacks or duffel bags, or thrown in the back of your car when not in use. The woobie is a Nomad Harness accessory; it functions only with the Ray Allen-patented  Interchangeable Nomad Harness System.

The woobie is specially designed to fit your police or military K9 snugly, positioning underneath the Nomad Harness so all attachment points are quickly accessible to the handler. This sleek fit makes it easy to attach equipment bags or other harness accessories without adding bulk. The woobie slides right onto the harness frame, secured with VELCRO® and GT Cobra buckles. Our hardware is built to withstand severe weather, unlike regular plastic buckles or metal D-rings which tend to break or rust after prolonged exposure to snow or freezing temps.

The jacket has a tough Cordura nylon base with a warm fleece lining, with ample VELCRO® along the sides for attaching ID patches or placards. Like the human version of the woobie, this cape is resistant to water, abrasions, and tears so your dog can work hard in extreme conditions, or could serve as a solid piece of winter gear to keep your dog comfortable on snowy walks.

The woobie jacket comes in multi-cam, black multi-cam, ranger green, black, gray, orange, or coyote, and in a small or medium/large size which will fit most working dogs.


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