Modular LLC Harness - Grab Handles and MOLLE Panels for Lift/Carry - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Modular LLC Harness - Grab Handles and MOLLE Panels for Lift/Carry

Modular LLC Harness - Grab Handles and MOLLE Panels for Lift/Carry

Sep 17th 2020

Ray Allen manufacturing’s Modular Lift, Load, Carry Harness has been a staple of military and police K9s for over 70 years- but is versatile enough to transition to everyday, civilian use. Part of our larger modular harness system, the exceptional craftsmanship on this harness makes it comfortable enough for a dog to wear all day, and it is commonly used by sportsmen/hunters/backpackers because its MOLLE construction allows for your dog to assist in toting various equipment bags and packs. Most commonly used when doing jumps from an aircraft or while tracking, the two “grab” handles sewn into the front and back of the harness let you maneuver and lift your K9 over obstacles with ease, and the lightweight mesh build is breathable for most strenuous outdoor activities.

The Modular LLC Harness tapers across the dog’s front, and the V-Ring at the back loads weight against the chest in one direction to best distribute the pull weight, keeping that weight against the breastplate and not cinching off your dog’s neck while he works. With an adjustable front strap and flexible mil spec material, this harness is no-rub and your dog can run and pull without the material cutting into his legs or sides.

The harness has two lift handles on the back, sewn to a single piece of webbing across and around, all tacked together into the main straps. Ray Allen’s harnesses are fortified and structured as one, functional piece. The featured GT Cobra Buckles are 500 lb. load rated pieces of military-grade hardware and won’t bust or accidentally unclip if jostled or bumped during strenuous work.

We’ve ran MOLLE webbing across the sides so you can load your dog up with G-Hook backpacks that attach securely against your dog’s chest and won’t slide around, our harness camera mount system to capture your dog in action or act as a bodycam, cooling packs to give your dog relief from the heat, or beacon lights that clip on and stay visible up to 3 miles away.

The adjustable VELCRO® is 4” across the back of this harness and 12” long. The front strap adjusts from 26” to 31 ½” inches, and the back strap measures at the last rib at 24” to 28 1/2”- fitting standard Malinois or German Shepherds, but Ray Allen makes Nylon Harness Extension Straps for larger or deeper-chested dogs.