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Martingale Nylon Dog Collar- Simple, No-Slip Dog Collar

Martingale Nylon Dog Collar- Simple, No-Slip Dog Collar

Jun 23rd 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing’s Martingale Nylon Collar is arguably our best daily-wear dog collar. Simple and adjustable, the Martingale is a quick way to gain control over your dog for walks, trips to the backyard, in and out of the vet’s office, or anywhere you don’t feel like fumbling with a buckle or chain.

A Martingale is also known as a no-slip collar. Because of their design, Martingales prevent a dog from backing out of the collar, and the collar cannot accidentally slide off over your dog's head during play or heavy pulling. Martingales are commonly used for dogs with narrow necks, like Greyhounds or Whippets that have a difficult time sizing into a normal buckle collar, thicker-muscled dogs like Mastiffs and Bulldogs who need the extra support when leash training, and Martingales are often used as a training aid for handlers who prefer a quick, gentle tug or pull when teaching leash manners.
(Watch the collar slip onto dog’s head/neck at 1:11).

Most Martingales are composed of two loops of material fed through a slider that slacken or tighten depending on how the handler is controlling the collar. Ray Allen’s Martingale is slick because we have built in a metal limiter that allows the collar to only tighten so much, preventing choking or extreme discomfort. Clip your leash to the extender and your dog is good to go.
(Watch the limiter in action at 1:22).

Ray Allen’s Martingale is unique because of the quality of the materials used. We have woven together two layers of mil-spec tubular webbing for extra strength, and unlike many other companies producing these collars, all of our hardware- the adjusters, rings, spacers- are metal so they will not break, crack, or pop off with wear or activity.

Our Martingale Nylon Collar is a great, easy, affordable collar option and training tool. It comes in tons of cool colors so you can match with your leash or harness when out and about.


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