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KLIMB Professional Grade K9 Training Platform

KLIMB Professional Grade K9 Training Platform

Nov 10th 2021

Many dogs have a natural tendency to climb on elevated surfaces to get a better vantage point of their surroundings, which can make dog or puppy training, a challenge. That’s why Blue-9 designed the KLIMB Professional Grade K9 Platform.

This K9 obedience training product is a raised platform that caters to your dog’s natural tendencies by elevating your working dog and giving them a defined area to work within.

The 24-square-inch platform has 12-inch removable legs and is constructed of a molded polyester capable of handling up to 500 pounds. The proprietary design allows K9 trainers to attach multiple KLIMB Platforms together for use with larger dogs, making this a perfect tool for puppy obedience training all the way through adulthood.

Utilizing the KLIMB Professional Grade K9 Platform

The KLIMB platform is easy for trainers to use, and dogs love it because they’re elevated and know dog treats or other positive reinforcement rewards are coming while they’re on the mark.

Common forms of off-leash training performed with the platform include sit, stay, down, and heel. But the KLIMB is also great for practicing impulse control or when your working dog gets a little too excited or overstimulated.

When your K9 gets a little too wound up, all you need to do is call them over and have them sit on the platform for 10 to 20 seconds. During that time, your dog will be able to relax and refocus on the task at hand and get back to his or her training.

For K9 training on the go, the KLIMB is the perfect tool. Each platform only weighs 14 pounds, and the legs easily detach and can be stored under the platform with the KLIMB Strap.

Other KLIMB accessories include the 6-inch KLIMB Short Legs for use with puppies or shorter dogs and the KLIMB Sure Feet, which plug holes when the legs aren’t attached.

More Than an Obedience Training Platform

The KLIMB was initially designed to help manage and correct common puppy behaviors like jumping up on guests or snatching food off the dinner table. However, the team at Blue-9 quickly realized that it could be used for much more than basic obedience training sessions.

Dog trainers can use the KLIMB platform for K9 conditioning and fitness as working dogs grow older. An example of this is setting two KLIMB Platforms out in a yard and teaching your dog to run back and forth from platform to platform. This exercise strengthens muscles, is a fantastic cardio workout, and allows trainers to relax or focus on training other K9s in the unit.

Ray Allen Manufacturing also carries the KLIMB Propel Air Platform, which easily attaches to your KLIMB Platform. The Propel Air Platform increases working dogs' balancing abilities and aids in rehabilitation after an injury.

Simply put, Blue-9 created the ultimate training and exercise platform, and this is a must-have tool for any military or police K9 unit.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing is dedicated to producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 trainers, handlers, and their dogs. From muzzles and leashes to training equipment, bite sleeves, dog toys, wellness supplies, and more, we do it all. And we do it better than anyone else.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for law enforcement agencies, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers across the world.

With 70+ years of experience and a knowledgeable team of experts, your life and your dog’s life are in good hands when you choose Ray Allen products.