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K9 Product Tailors - What Made In America Means

K9 Product Tailors - What Made In America Means

May 17th 2023

Here at Ray Allen Manufacturing, we’ve been handcrafting the highest quality K9 gear right here in America for over 75 years. Making everything by hand takes a ton of time, hard work, and dedication to the craft. But we know it’s worth the effort, and so do all of our satisfied customers.

In some of our previous YouTube videos and blogs, Matt Wilson has given you a look behind the scenes at our shop (Behind The Scenes: Ray Allen Shop Tour) and provided the background on how he came up with the famous Dog Trainer Fanny Pack (The Design Process of Our Dog Trainer Fanny Pack).

These videos give you a brief overview of what it’s like to produce gear here at Ray Allen, where everything with our name on it is made in America. But this week, Matt dives a little bit deeper into the importance of quality American-made craftsmanship and why it’s crucial that we don’t forget the art of making things with our own two hands.

We trust that you’ll walk away from the video with a deeper appreciation for American-made goods, especially when it comes to tough-as-nails equipment for hardcore K9s and their badass handlers. And heck, you might even get inspired to start making your own handmade goods!

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