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K9 Helm CS-1 GoggleHelm: Ultimate Head Protection for Police & Military K9s

K9 Helm CS-1 GoggleHelm: Ultimate Head Protection for Police & Military K9s

Jun 1st 2023

Regarded as one of the most trusted names in K9 protection gear, K9 Helm products are used by handlers in some of the most dangerous working conditions a dog can encounter. Known for their one-of-a-kind working K9 helmet, the company recently reinvented their original model. At Ray Allen Manufacturing, we’re honored to be one of the only retailers to carry the brand-new K9 Helm CS-1 GoggleHelm.

What Is the K9 Helm System?

Before diving into their latest product launch, it's important to understand the uses and functionality of the innovative K9 Helm system. Designed exclusively for hardcore military and police dogs and made in the USA, this K9 helmet provides the highest degree of protection in combat and other dangerous situations.

In addition to the helmet component, this system features replaceable, integrated eye protection made from UV400 shatterproof polycarbonate with anti-scratch coating. If desired, K9 Helm CS-1 Ear Covers (sold separately) can also be added to the K9 helmet system to protect your dog’s hearing from damaging noises, like sirens or gunfire.

The K9 helmet is lightweight (weighing only one pound), provides exceptional ventilation, and is ultra durable. It features a Biothane retention system that does not interfere with breathing, 6061 aluminum side mounting plates for detachable muzzles, and a low-profile removable Picatinny rail. This design also allows for full bite capability and full ear articulation.

For handlers needing Clear Replacement Lenses for the CS-1 GoggleHelm, they can also be purchased on our website.

Improvements Over Version One

Whether you’re familiar with the previous version of the K9 Helm system or not, it’s worthwhile to check out some of the upgrades that have been made to this new iteration.

The CS-1 GoggleHelm now boasts a low-profile design, which encompasses a low-profile removable Picatinny rail. This helps streamline the look and functionality of this K9 helmet.

A second improvement that was made to version two is the addition of larger goggles. Giving working dogs enhanced range of sight, this alteration helps keep K9s safer and helps them do their jobs with increased precision. This eye protection is made with shatterproof polycarbonate, essential for keeping your dog out of harm’s way.

Users of the CS-1 GoggleHelm will also notice that this second edition is more comfortable for their dogs. It comes with an adjustable strap and is extremely lightweight. Finally, this K9 helmet system includes room to attach a dog muzzle when needed.

Fitting Your Dog for the CS-1 GoggleHelm

Getting the correct fit for your dog’s K9 Helm CS-1 GoggleHelm is critical to ensure that it functions as intended. This latest release fits working dogs of most sizes. Its Biothane retention system is adjustable for neck sizes 14.5" - 18.5". Additionally, the system shipment includes three sizes of padding that can be used to customize the interior width to achieve the perfect fit.

For specific details on measuring your dog for this product, check out the instructions and PDFs found at the bottom of the product page. You’ll need to measure your K9’s cranial length, cranial width, snout width, and neck circumference to get precise measurements.

In addition to the K9 Helm CS-1 GoggleHelm, we’re proud to carry an extensive selection of K9 PPE. Be sure to explore our full inventory for your military dog today at rayallen.com.

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