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The Jaded Dog Trainer: My Great Pyrenees Barks All Night Long

The Jaded Dog Trainer: My Great Pyrenees Barks All Night Long

Feb 17th 2021

What is the Great Pyrenees?

The Great Pyrenees is a large and extremely strong mountain dog breed. Often more than 100 pounds, these dogs are known for their thick weatherproof coats and their ability to go from a zen-like calm to a protective demeanor at a moment’s notice. While these unique traits make the Great Pyrenees a perfect companion, it also brings with it extra maintenance.

Understanding the Great Pyrenees

Sometimes dog owners are surprised by the unexpected maintenance that can come with a new dog, and the Great Pyrenees is no exception. Because of this, it’s important to always research any dog breed you are considering. Understanding the maintenance that comes with a breed helps owners to better prepare for unwanted surprises that may occur.

While their thick coats make the Great Pyrenees easier to clean, it also means that they shed more than other breeds. You’ll want to invest in a good dog brush to help maintain their coat, like the Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. This grooming tool features a button that allows the pins on the brush to retract, allowing the hair to easily fall away.

A History of Breeding for Protection

For over 150 years, the Great Pyrenees has been bred for protecting sheep and other farm animals. This breeding has led not only to the weatherproof coats, but also a dog that can be quiet and subdued during the day, but on high alert all through the night. The Great Pyrenees is essentially a guard dog, and because of this, they will bark at anything that moves, especially once the sun goes down.

Again, this illustrates why it’s critical to research breeds before getting a dog. New owners might be surprised at just how much the Great Pyrenees barks at night, something they could have been prepared for with just a little reading. Getting a dog to ignore years of evolution through specific breeding is a challenge, but there are tools that try to help encourage new behavior. For excessive barking, the Dogtra No-Bark Collar is a great choice. This waterproof collar uses high vibrations when it hears barking, making it a safer anti-bark option that still effectively discourages barking.

At the end of the day, researching breeds you are interested in will always be easier than trying to curb breed-specific behaviors after the fact. Shop now for all of your dog training needs, or visit our blog to learn more about essential supplies every new dog owner needs!