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Introducing the Primal Canine Decoy Armor Gauntlets

Introducing the Primal Canine Decoy Armor Gauntlets

Mar 18th 2020

In bite dog training for police and military units, it is absolutely necessary to teach your dog to bite the decoy and not the suit. In an actual apprehension scenario, you want your dog trained for a confident bite: a hard grip that exerts pressure on the contact point of the suspect. An engaged grip guarantees suspect compliance, where a weak bite, or a mouthful of bulky material from a suspect’s clothing or decoy suit, guarantees a less grip and an unsatisfied dog and trainer.

Mike Jones from Primal Canine

A dedicated decoy knows he is going to get bruised up and yanked around in the process of working a satisfied working dog. Mike Jones from Primal Canine wanted decoys to be protected for deeper bites and longer training sessions. He aimed to create a low-profile, lighter bite suit to emulate the movement and feel of a real apprehension situation, rewarding the decoy with improved flexibility and durability for defense and retaining that deep, gripping bite for the dog. His goal was to produce a drive that afforded the dog forward power in a target area, with no interference from the material or feel of the bite.

We went back and forth with Mike, and through lots of product development and testing, launched the Primal Canine Decoy Armor Gauntlet series. We created a right and left bicep/tricep and forearm gauntlets, meant to be worn under a full bite suit and share some of the brunt of the bites as the decoy feeds the drive and reduces wear and tear to the suit over time and adding an extra layer of protection for the decoy, serving as literal “armor”.

You can buy the Primal Canine Gauntlets here.

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