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How Magnetic Stash Boxes Enhance Scent Training For Dogs

How Magnetic Stash Boxes Enhance Scent Training For Dogs

Apr 8th 2021

Specifically designed for detection training, our Magnetic Stash Boxes are made from aluminum, with pinhole punctures, to allow odors to seep out effectively. Excellent for narcotics training, nose work, or any kind of scent detection training for dogs, these stash boxes are really handy.

Made so that you can easily load the stash boxes with any number of odor-laden products or other scent work supplies; these stash boxes are a perfect addition to your scent training program — however you choose to run it. Just open them up, place your scent inside, close the lid, and you’re ready to hide the scent box for your next training session.

These K9 scent boxes seal up tight so that your dog can’t get inside during the training, with a lid that won’t open unless the sides are squeezed. Even an active alert dog won’t be able to get to the odor equipment inside.

Featuring a powerful magnet on the backside, our stash boxes can be easily hidden in a number of places. Quickly hide our magnetic stash boxes on vehicles, refrigerators, shelves, under tables, around the house — basically, anywhere; including any magnetic metal surface.

Because we manufacture our magnetic stash boxes in a variety of different sizes, you can increase and decrease the level of scent detection difficulty with ease. Switch between running small to large amounts of odor and change the type and size of the packaging regularly encountered in the field. This allows you to proof the dog off the packaging to make sure their nose work is trained to be odor-specific.

All of our magnetic stash boxes breathe very well, releasing odors from 3 different sides and also from the top of the box. This ensures different odor profiles depending upon the position in which the boxes are placed, and their location.

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