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Convenient Pocket Sized Hard Leather Tugs

Convenient Pocket Sized Hard Leather Tugs

Aug 23rd 2023

Our team is thrilled to launch a brand new training tug that we know you and your dog are going to love: the Pocket Leather Tug. Available in two sizes to match your preferences, this tug is a great tool that your dog will love for each training session. Easy to use and carry, explore all the benefits of using our new Pocket Leather Tugs!

Two Sizes for Convenience

When designing our Pocket Leather Dog Tugs, we took into consideration the different ways that our customers carry and use training tugs. That's why we've developed two innovative designs of the Pocket Leather Tug, each offering a unique set of advantages to suit different scenarios.

Our 1” model is known as the front/cargo pocket tug. Its slim design makes it the ideal choice for dog handlers who prefer to carry the leather tug in a forward-facing pocket. For added convenience, this style can also be stored on backpacks and carriers with a front or side holder.

Alternatively, the 2” flat style is the right option for dog trainers who prefer to store and retrieve the leather dog tug from their back pocket. Our team has taken extra care to ensure that this design blends seamlessly with the average back pant pocket size, which prevents the leather tug from sticking out or falling out.

Not Your Average Dog Tugs

While we carry a variety of dog tugs to cater to different training needs, the Pocket Leather Tug stands out for several compelling reasons.

First and foremost, the two different sizes/designs promote ultra-convenient use. Effortlessly remove the leather dog tug from a front or back pocket, and store it with ease when finished. This makes training transitions seamless, allowing you to focus on what matters most: strengthening the bond between you and your K9.

Next, the leather used for this dog tug delivers multiple advantages when compared to other materials. Not only is it extremely durable and long-lasting, but its hardness is extra rewarding for dogs to grip onto.

Once finished with the dog tug, pocket storage is nowhere near as messy as more absorbent materials because leather doesn’t retain drool and slobber. Simply wipe it clean and put it away for later use.

Uses for Your Pocket Leather Tugs

This style of leather tug is particularly well-suited for quick rewards during training sessions. The compact size and easy accessibility make both the 1” and 2” designs perfect for reinforcing positive behaviors on the spot.

It's worth noting that the Pocket Leather Tug is designed for quick bursts of engagement rather than prolonged biting or chewing sessions. For those scenarios, we offer a range of other dog tugs that are better suited to extended play, like our heavy-duty Bite Suit Tugs and Jute Tug Style Reward.

Pick up the new Ray Allen Pocket Leather Tug and explore our complete line of reward tugs today!

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