Colorful Spin On An Old Favorite: Braided Biothane Tabs - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Colorful Spin On An Old Favorite: Braided Biothane Tabs

Colorful Spin On An Old Favorite: Braided Biothane Tabs

Jul 26th 2023

Longtime Ray Allen customers know that we’re industry leaders when it comes to innovation. Not only are we constantly coming up with new products (like our popular Dog Trainer Fanny Pack), but we’re also always looking for ways to improve the products we already sell.

Well, we’re back at it again with a new edition of an old favorite! We’re proud to announce our new multi-colored Braided Biothane Tabs.

Why Biothane? It's Hardcore!

Do you love the qualities of leather without the drawbacks of ongoing maintenance and the wear and tear that comes with years of use? Then you’d love Biothane.

Biothane is a synthetic material created by the Biothane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s made of polyester webbing with a PVC coating, making it flexible, weather resistant, and perfect for outdoor use. Plus, it feels soft in your hands and prevents burning or irritation that can occur when dogs pull while on a leash.

Since it’s perfect for outdoor use, we use Biothane to make a wide range of leashes, lines, and of course, tabs.

Want to learn more about Biothane tabs? Then check out our Ultimate Guide to Leashes, Leads & Lines!

Why Braided? Think Strength and Easy Handling!

Drawing inspiration from the tried-and-true braided leather leashes, our Multi-Colored Braided Biothane Tabs feature a carefully constructed braided design. The braid enhances the strength of the tab and ensures long-lasting performance since there’s a reduced risk of fraying.

Plus, with just eight inches of length, these tabs strike the perfect balance between control and manageability, letting you handle your dog with ease. These tabs are ideal for training when you need to keep your dog right next to your side and make quick corrections.

Another element of this tab that ensures its longevity is the brass bolt snap that attaches to any collar. You can trust that the only thing that will last longer than the biothane material is its connection point.

Why Multi-Colored? Why Not!

When you think of Ray Allen gear, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t vibrant colors (unless you’re shopping for service dog gear). But we’re not averse to bright colors; we just know that tactical gear should be covert and not stand out in a crowd.

But we figured, what’s the harm in adding a little flair to your dog’s gear? So, in addition to offering our Braided Biothane Tabs in classic tactical black, gray, and coyote, we’re now selling them in fluorescent shades of red, blue, teal, green, purple, pink, and more! Mix and match when pairing with your  Biothane Lead (offered in the same colors).

So the next time you want to match your favorite shirt or pair of shoes with your dog’s gear, pull out your new multi-colored  Braided Biothane Tab.

Why Ray Allen?

Even though we’re not known for our colors, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment right here in America for over 70 years.

From tactical harnesses to hardcore dog collars, ultra-durable leashes, and more, look no further than Ray Allen when you need the best equipment for yourself and your dog.

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