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Bite Sleeve Covers - Prolong the Lifespan of Your Bite Sleeves

Bite Sleeve Covers - Prolong the Lifespan of Your Bite Sleeves

Nov 13th 2020

Bite sleeve covers (or cuffs) are a necessity when ensuring a long lifespan for your K9 bite sleeves. Tailored for a variety of purposes, you can be assured that we have the perfect bite sleeve for your needs. Ray Allen features a wide variety of durable bite sleeve covers that are constructed from the highest quality materials.

Single-Layer Jute

The single-layer jute sleeve is one layer of jute, a rough, rope-like fiber. The single layer is beneficial, as it allows the dog to really make an impactful contact with the sleeve. When training a dog on a sleeve, it’s important that they get the feel of the sleeve, making this single layer cover a great entry point.

Double-Layer Jute

The double-layer jute cover adds an additional layer of jute, for a total of two. The double-layer still allows the dog to get a good feel and grip on the sleeve while maintaining higher durability than the single-layer. This allows for a longer lasting hard sleeve that maintains great condition.

Champion Jute

The Champion jute cover is a deluxe, double-layered woven jute with a premium blue color added to it. It features a super tight weave that lasts an extremely long time through a lot of training and biting. This cover is for the hard hitters training the most aggressive dogs.

Syntek Cover

Next up is the Syntek cover, which is made from the same material as our bite suits and tugs. This cover is an ideal starting point for K9s that are transitioning off of a suit to a sleeve. This cover perfectly simulates the same feelings your dog gets from a suit, allowing for a smoother transition to the sleeve.

Target Cuff Cover

Last but not least, we have the Target Cuff cover. The Target Cuff features 2 unique pieces of soft plastic on either end. If the dog bites it, the plastic won’t hurt or affect their teeth but it will encourage them to focus their energy on biting the middle of the bite bar instead. This helps with the dog’s grip development if they tend to target soft spots or if they are “typewriter biters.”

Each of Ray Allen’s excellent hard sleeve covers has their own unique purpose, but at the end of the day it truly comes down to the decoy's preference. Be sure to keep in mind that all sleeve covers come with a handle. If you don’t like or want the handle you can simply cut it off, but keep in mind that it features its own great benefits including offering the decoy additional opposition reflex during the bite and hooking up a leash to the handle to distance the decoy from the dog, while still keeping them in drive (just remember to use the handle of the leash and not the snap end).