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Soft Puppy Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

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Puppy Tug Toy | K9 Bite Training | Lightweight Material

The Soft Puppy Sleeve - Stage 1 is where your future working dog bite training begins. Wondering what sleeve your young dog should bite first? This puppy sleeve is it! Designed to be a fun and engaging training toy, the Soft Puppy Sleeve is the perfect tool to begin your K9's training.

Benefits for handler:
  • A fun way to "play" with your puppy
  • Made of the same high-quality jute used in many of our soft sleeves and cuffs- train with consistency
Benefits for dog:
  • Low profile- teach focus and engagement
  • Easy to bite and carry
Product Features:
  • Jute exterior along with soft foam
  • One step up from the Pup Tug
Biege, White
Made in USA