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K-9 Overdose Kit

Ray Allen Manufacturing

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Narcotic Overdose Emergency Kit for Dogs | Contains No Drugs | Ray Allen Manufacturing

Contents of Overdose Kit listed below. Contains no drugs. A veterinarian must prescribe your dog's dosage and fill the syringes with the appropriate antidotes. 

Product Features:
  • Contains a variety of tools for emergency K9 overdose situations
  • Perfect for law enforcement and drug-sniffing K9s
  • Includes a reference guide for dealing with common O.D. substances
Equipment Included:
  • Directions and Information
  • Five 3cc Syringes and Five Needles
  • Four Alcohol Pads
  • Two Antimicrobial Wipes
  • Four Ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Gauze Roll
  • Tongue Depressor
  • Plastic Specimen Bag
  • Sterile Surgical Gloves
Made in USA