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INCOG Pocket Treat Pouch™

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The Incog Pocket Treat Pouch is a covert treat pouch that simply slides into the front pocket of your pants. This treat pouch eliminates the need for an external treat pouch while keeping your pant and jacket pockets clean of crumbs and grease from your dog's favorite treats.

Fits in Your Pocket | Washable | Durable | 

Keep treats hidden so your dog focuses on YOU!

The Incog Pocket Treat Pouch is a covert dog treat holder that fits into a pocket or uniform.

Benefits for handler

  • Easily clips inside a jacket or BDU pocket

  • Keep your hands free to clicker train, direct your dog, or use as a "proofing" tool

  • Eliminates the bulk of a waist-clip pouch or fanny pack - handlers can enjoy a wider range-of-motion for working their canine

Benefits for dog

  • Covert design keeps your dog focused on the handler, not the treats for better obedience and less distraction

  • Easy-open so dogs receive a reward the instant of desired behavior 

Product features 

  • Durable, heavy Cordura nylon

  • Washable inner cloth lining to keep clothes free of crumbs and grease


  • Clips in place to maintain pouch in the perfect position

  • Plastic inserts to keep pocket propped open

Watch the Incog Pocket Treat Pouch in action!

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