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FitPAWS Balance Disc


$40.99 - $68.99
SKU: FP110-P

FitPAWS Balance Disc | Exercise Tool for K9's | Mobility & Rehabilitation

The FitPAWS Balance Disc is a great training and exercise device for your dog. Made from professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC material, this disc provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails.

The FitPAWS Balance Disc is the perfect solution for weight-bearing activities and balance training for active and working dogs or animal rehabilitation and therapy. The smaller 14" FitPAWS Balance Disc can be used in multiples to create a balance training course for smaller dogs, while the larger 22" disc is perfect for medium or large breeds. Both sizes feature two training surfaces, a flat/smooth side, and a textured surface. The balance challenge can be easily adjusted by removing or adding air at any time, encouraging your pup to use different muscles to maintain balance, and strengthening their core and limbs. 

Product Features:
  • Available in two sizes: 14” (for smaller breeds like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Pugs), and 22” (for larger breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Boxers)
  • Two training surfaces for multiple exercises use
  • Both sizes can increase or decrease air level (with a needle pump for the 14" balance disc or an air pump for the Giant 22” balance disc)
  • Can be combined with multiple discs for more intensive training.
  • Inflation pumps sold separately
Available Sizes:
  • Giant
  • Standard