"F" Bomb GITD PVC Patch | Glow In The Dark | K9 Handler Morale Patch

"F" Bomb GITD PVC Patch

Ray Allen Manufacturing


PVC Glowing Patch | "F" Bomb GITD | Hook & Loop Mounting

The "F" Bomb GITD PVC Patch has a glow in the dark (GITD) component added in the white areas. The "F" and outline of the bomb give off a brilliant cat eye appearance in the dark. It's 1" x 1" size makes it difficult to see that it's a letter "F" or a bomb, at night, but the glow in the dark feature is pretty neat. The PVC patch has hook and loop on the back to attach to products that also feature hook and loop - found on dog collars, harnesses, handler packs, etc. 

Product Features
  • Features the letter "F" inside a cartoon bomb icon
  • Glow in the dark components (white portion of PVC patch)
  • Hook and loop on back to attach to collars, packs, harnesses, etc.
  • Measures 1" x 1"
Hook & Loop