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K9 Helm Trident Tactical Dog Helmet

K9 Helm Trident Tactical Dog Helmet

Jul 13th 2022

Helmets have to be at the top of the list when it comes to safety equipment police and military K9 handlers wear in the field. After all, there’s plenty of scientific evidence that even the smallest knocks to the skull can cause long-term brain damage.

But if you’re wearing a helmet in the field, your working dog should be too. That’s why we carry the Trident Dog Helmet from K9 Helm.

Ultimate Safety And Comfort For Your Dog

This piece of dog safety gear is designed to provide total protection for working dogs without sacrificing their comfort or ability to do their job. Unlike other K9 helmets on the market, this model protects your dog’s zygomatic arch, mandibular joint, occipital region, and eyes.

You’re definitely not alone if you hadn’t heard of these medical terms before (we just learned them ourselves), but they essentially mean the front, sides, and rear of your dog’s head are all protected by the helmet. Plus, the goggles that come with the helmet keep their’ eyes safe from flying dust or debris.

If you need to protect your working dog’s ears from loud noises, be sure to pick up the K9 Helm Trident TR-1 Ear Pro Pods. These detachable ear covers are 100% compatible with the Trident K9 Helmet. This ear protection is must-have gear for helicopter rides, high-altitude jumps, situations involving gunfire, or any other scenario where you need to wear ear protection.

As we touched on above, K9 Helm designed the Trident Dog Helmet with comfort in mind.

The helmet’s unique design allows your dogs’ ears to fit through the top holes when ear protection isn’t needed. Additionally, the chin strap doesn’t hinder your dog’s ability to breathe, eat, or bite a target.

Furthermore, custom-fit padding inside each helmet helps ensure complete protection and a comfortable fit for your dog.

This piece is for military and police K9s, so you know it’s designed and manufactured to last for years. But if your helmet does get damaged, Replacement Straps and Replacement Lenses are available through Ray Allen.

Not The Only K9 Safety Gear You Need

K9 safety starts with fitting them with a proper helmet. But just like for police officers and military personnel, there’s plenty of other equipment working dogs need to stay safe on the job.

Luckily for Ray Allen customers, we carry top-of-the-line tactical gear to keep K9s safe in the field.

Head-to-toe coverage is essential when it comes to dog safety. After strapping the Trident Dog Helmet on your K9’s head, put a pair of Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots on their feet. These winter dog boots protect against the elements and provide excellent traction for use on icy surfaces.

For work in low-visibility conditions, make sure to put a Dual Function Guardian Light on your dog’s harness or collar. With a visibility range of up to three miles, this waterproof light is perfect for late-night search and rescue work or early-morning hunting trips.

A variety of our Nomad Interchangeable Harness System accessories also help keep your dog’s torso covered in the field. The Nomad Ballistic Body offers protection from gunfire, while the Nomad Skid Plate guards against anything that could injure your dog’s chest or belly.

Why Ray Allen?

For over 70 years, the team at Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality, military-grade products for K9 handlers and their working dogs right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

From harnesses to collars, leashes, wellness supplies, and more, our handmade dog gear is designed to keep K9s safe and comfortable in the field, which is why we’re the go-to brand for police officers, and military units, dog handlers, and trainers worldwide.

Be sure to shop Ray Allen when you need the best gear for your K9.