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Narc & Explosive Detection

  1. Introducing the NOMAD I.H.S. Harness

    We are proud to introduce the worlds first Interchangeable Harness System (I.H.S.). The NOMAD IHS will allow near limitless functionality and design combinations by allowing the user to choose a variety of harness frame and body options and combine them together to create a single functioning unit. You can purchase the frame and body combos, with the choice of a GT Cobra Buckle or Metal Cobra Buckle, or purchase just the frame and bodies and create your own combinations.

    The combinations and separate body and frames come in Black, Coyote, Gray and Ranger Green, and in sizes Small and Medium/Large. You can find the NOMAD products here, including a video on why the NOMAD was created and how to swap out the bodies.

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  2. Should you use real drugs or pseudo drugs to train your dog?

    by Andrew Weiman

    For court purposes, using real drugs is always better. Drugs that have been qualitatively tested to be cocaine for example, and not some other additive will make a better court presentation.

    I participated in a study with Dr. Kenneth Furton in the mid to late 90’s. Dr. Furton was determining if a dog’s indication to currency was usable in court to prove the currency’s direct contact with cocaine. The belief at the time was that all currency was contaminated with cocaine and that any such indication was useless.

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  3. Do We Really Train?

    by Andrew Weiman

    After talking to many handlers around the country it appears that in some cases training has become a necessary evil, a time filler, or to some a waste of time. To them it has become boring, for various reasons; it’s the same old thing, nothing gets accomplished, or they feel that they just do not need it.  Handlers then start to find reasons not to come to training, or find reasons to leave early and to not participate in exercises. How did training get this way?  You will never find the one and only answer. It is something that just evolves over time and soon takes on a life of its own. I have a suggestion. Let’s not focus on how it became this way but how to change it.

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  4. Arizona, Legal Marijuana & Dog Sniff for P.C.

    by Ted Daus

    This past September, the State of Arizona tackled the issue of whether a dog sniff (odor) provides probable cause to search in light of the fact that the State of Arizona has legal medical marijuana. Surprisingly, one court of appeals decided “YES” and the other decided “NO”. This article will briefly explain the reasoning for each case. We will have to see in the near future, who the Arizona Supreme Court resolved the conflict. 

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