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Biothane Adjustable Dog Collar

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Sliding Buckle Dog Collar | All Weather Use | Indestructible & Adjustable

The single layer Biothane collar (a PVC wrapped nylon) is the first of its kind here at Ray Allen. It’s not like the typical belt holes with buckle collar. With an adjustable slider, this collar can fit more comfortably on your growing dog. All the hardware (black buckle, slider, D ring and rivets) is metal with a black finish making it very aesthetically pleasing - while being very functional, too! The all weather biothane material will withstand even the most severe elements; as it is resistant to mold, mildew, smells, sun damage, and even freezing temperatures. The Biothane is soft and supple making this collar a great day-to-day collar for any dog.

Product Features
  • Adjustable slide buckle mechanism, for a more custom fit
  • 1" wide Biothane (perfect for all weather use)
  • Black finished metal hardware (rivots, buckle, slider, and D-ring)
  • Unlike leather that may be destroyed by the dog, Biothane is nearly indestructible
Benefits To Dog
  • Breathable material - preventing irriation on the neck
  • Slider buckle allows for a more proper fitting
  • Light, soft, and supple compared to heavy leather
Benefits To Handler
  • All day, every day collar
  • Biothane material is very easy to clean
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, sun damage, etc.
Available Sizes
  • Medium (12"-18")
  • Large (18"-28")
Made in USA
Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Teal
Metal Buckle, D-Ring