Zymox Pet Products

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New Addtion To Our Pet Products! Zymox Ear Solution and Topical Spray are available for dogs at Ray Allen Manufacturing. The ear solution is great for removing most ear infections and the topical spray is great for wounds or cuts.
The Zymox Three Point Enzyme System is recommended for use in inflamed and infected ears due to bacteria and yeast. It contains natural antimicrobial enzymes with Hydrocortisone (0.5%). The three natural bio-active enzymes, when combined, form a powerful antimicrobial defense system. No pre-cleaning necessary, safe for all ages of dogs and recommended for most ear infections. It's the strongest formula available without seeing a veterinarian. 1.25 fl. oz.

Zymox Enzymatic Topical Spray contains natural antimicrobial enzymes with Hydrocortisone (0.5%). Recommended for use on topical infections, wounds and cuts. 2 fl. oz. spray bottle.
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