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WINPRO® Mobility Performance Health Products

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Use as needed for joint health in your dog.

The WINPRO Mobility Dog Chews are specifically formulated to support canine joint function, help dogs maintain mobility and promote cartilage development in man’s best friend, especially during times of increased activity.

WINPRO Mobility Dog Chews promote joint mobility, lateral motion and flexibility, helps reduce stiffness and soreness from exercise, benefits stride length and range of motion and supports joint health.

A dog’s health problems begin with stress, and left unchecked your K9’s daily stressors can lead to inflammation that begins in the gut and can be felt throughout the body. WINPRO® functional dog chews help break the cycle and are specifically formulated to work in the gut to help maintain a healthy inflammatory response which keeps your dog feeling great and performing to his potential even in stressful situations. WINPRO® products are designed for performance dogs, but every dog can benefit from the support they provide in the areas of immunity, focus, mobility, endurance, training and recovery. Give 2 chews once daily (for each given product).

WINPRO® Performance Supplements are powered by K-Thrive — a unique blend of highly concentrated animal blood proteins — that has a lasting effect on gut health. Our soft chews help dogs feel their best, perform better and recover faster.

The animal blood proteins used in WINPRO® K-Thrive Formula D act much differently than conventional nutritional supplements. Unique amino acid chains (proteins) are formed that are highly functional and biological in nature. These are able to deal with a host of challenges throughout your dog’s body. When stress creates an inevitable inflammatory response, the bioactive proteins bound within the gut are released to help combat or alleviate the condition. Giving WINPRO® every day can help boost immune performance by making mucosal tissues (the first line of defense) function better, and being in your dog’s system can then be called upon to deal with issues surrounding the gut, joints, lungs and brain (affecting behavior and mood).

WINPRO® chews are available in 60-count or 240-count sizes, and come in four types.

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