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Trikos Leash and Collar Kit


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K9 Tactical Leash and Collar | Waterproof | Made in the USA

*** Kit Savings of $20! ***

Trikos Collar

Benefits for handler:
  • Product-tested at Trikos International in variety of extreme conditions so you know it’s fit for working dogs or police and military K9s - these products were designed by a Navy SEAL
  • Webbing gives the smooth feel of broken-in leather; easy on your hands
  • Grips well even when wet
Benefits for the dog:
  • Completely waterproof; great for labs, retrievers, or those out in the field rain or shine
  • Responsive feel for instant correction
  • Looks slick - let them see your dog is a warrior
Product features:
  • 1.5" Cobra buckle with "D" ring attached
  • Hook and loop Velcro backing for easy adjusting easy
  • 1.5” wide
  • 14-24” long

Trikos Leash

Benefits for handler:
  • This leash has been tested with some of the hardest dogs out there, in the toughest environments
  • Comes with quick release “Frog” clip - attach and deploy your police dog fast!
  • Carabiner design allows for endless uses: back-tie your dog, convert to a service dog/hands free leash, or use it as a normal 6 foot leash
  • Webbing is easy to clean; simply wipe down
  • Leash still grips well even when wet
Benefits for the dog:
  • Quick release capability and swivel great for police or military K9s with a high drive
  • Sturdy material for clear, instantaneous correction
Product features:
  • Made from extremely sturdy Brama webbing that gives the feel of nice broken-in leather
  • Completely water-proof
  • 6 feet long
  • Heavy duty stainless steel swivel
  • Black Diamond heavy duty closing carabiner
  • Stitched areas are also riveted to give superior strength
  • Made right here in the USA
About Trikos Products:

Introducing the newly improved Trikos leash, branded and made by Ray Allen for Mike Ritland. Mike Ritland is a U.S. Navy SEAL, Author, creator of the Trikos Team Dog online training, founder of the Warrior Dog Foundation and owner of Trikos International.
We are proud of the partnership with Mike Ritland, the Trikos brand, and Working Dog Dry Goods.

Metal Cobra Buckle, Frog Clip, Carabiner, V-Ring
Stainless Steel, Black