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Tracking - Gottfried Dildei Series

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K9 Tracking Training | Gottfried Dildei | Producing confident Trackers

Product Features:
  • Help train your dog to become a confident tracker
  • Learn how to motivate your K9 and create a good work habit
  • From basic training to advanced
Available Titles:
  • Tracking
  • Tracking Series 2

In this first of two DVD's available from Gottfried Dildei on Tracking you'll find how to motivate dogs to learn and to teach dogs to work intensely with confidence, producing winning trackers.

A second tracking DVD from Gottfried Dildei solves issues such as the start, articles, and speed, as they relate to his motivational tracking techniques. Strong emphasis is placed on weaning from bait while maintaining the correct style, speed, and accuracy. Problem Solving in Tracking introduces correction on the track, proper track construction, the issues of dealing with bad starts, corners, and articles.

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