Ray Allen Performance Protection Kit

Ray Allen Manufacturing


If you are anywhere that eye and ear protection is required, such as at the shooting range, your K9 will need eye and ear protection too. The handy Ray Allen Performance Protection Kit guards your K9 from eye and ear damage while training or in the field. This kit includes Rex Specs K9 eyewear, protecting from debris, environmental hazards and UV rays, and the lightweight Muff Muffs for ear protection.

Rex Specs goggles allow for full jaw motion and range of view thanks to its dynamic strap system, yet remain stable on your dog’s face. Rex Specs have been tested and designed for working dogs to assist in the treatment of canine eye conditions such as pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis). Each frame comes with two interchangeable, spherical, non-ballistic UV protective lenses, one clear lens and one smoke colored lens, and will fit most dogs from 35-100 lbs depending on head shape.

Mutt Muffs are specifically engineered to meet the contour of your dog’s head and are perfect for reducing harmful noise from helicopters, airplanes or nearly any high decibel environment. The muffs provide full-spectrum noise reduction and are designed to rest comfortably on your dog’s ears. Mutt Muffs are made in the USA and are available in three sizes. For sizing, measure your dog’s head at the largest point for circumference.

Medium Size - 20-50 lb dogs, 13-18” head circumference
Large Size - 50-95 lb dogs, 18-23” head circumference
X-Large Size - 95 lb dogs or heavier, 23” or larger head circumference