K9 Essentials TSA Basic Kit | K9 Training Bundle | TSA K9 Handler

K9 Essentials TSA Basic Kit

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: RAM-K-TSA-1B UPC: 810018606497

K9 Handler Kit | Basic TSA Kit | All In One Dog Kit

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The K9 Essentials TSA Basic Kit includes everything a TSA K9 handler needs to do the job well. This kit comes with a Kenetic Duty Harness outfitted with Mil-Spec webbing and VELCRO®, a Mil-Spec "V" ring and GT cobra buckle. The Cobra Buckle Dog Collar is 1.75" wide and has VELCRO® around the outside for patches and panels. The Mil-Spec "V" ring and heavy duty buckle for strong agitation and nose work. This kit also comes with a black nylon martingale collar that can provide soft correction. The 15' nylon tracking line is comfortable and light enough for long tracks and can be rolled up for storage in a cargo pocket. Comes with 2 braided leather leashes, a 4' and 6' lead. You also receive three "Do Not Pet" panels to use with the harness and collar, as well as an Ultra Mini Tug that can be used in training or as a play reward for your K9 and a black reward pouch that can slide onto your belt and used for treats or supplies.

Product Features
  • Basic TSA kit includes everything a TSA handler needs
  • Kinetic Duty Harness is adjustable to fit breeds with a girth of 28"-36"
  • Black nylon martingale collar provides a soft correction
  • Tracking line is comfortable and light for long tracks and can be rolled up for storage
  • Includes Ultra Mini Tug for training or play for your K9
Kit Contains
Leather, Nylon
GT Cobra Buckle, V-Ring, Bolt Snap
Black, Brass
Made in USA