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K&H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed

K&H Manufacturing

$64.99 - $89.99
SKU: 4151-P

K&H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed | Ray Allen Manufacturing

The K&H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed is an excellent sleep option for aging dogs or your working K9. The memory foam supports dogs of all sizes truly conforms to the body, delivering extraordinary support for a comfortable and healthy slumber. The K&H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed is also easy to wash. Simply unzip the cover and wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water, then let air dry. 

Benefits for Handler:
  • Cover is easily removable and machine washable.
Benefits for Dog:
  • Gives extra support and comfort for dogs with bone, hip or joint problems.
  • Full thickness support prevents pets from sinking to the floor.
  • Provides excellent support of body weight to help reduce pressure on contact areas.
Product Features:
  • Product Measurements: Medium - 23" x 35" Large - 29" x 45".
  • For year round, indoor use.

K&H Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of heated pet products in the U.S. Every year K&H releases new, innovative products perfect for pets. K&H is a veterinarian-recommended company with top-line  affordable and durable products. K&H's products are green and energy efficient with low wattage use and foam-based products are made from the materials of recycled bottles. K&H prides itself on its high-quality and safe products.

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