GUNNER® Kennel Chew Kit - Full Set | High Anxiety K9 | Window & Door Protection

GUNNER® Kennel Chew Kit - Full Set

GUNNER® Kennels

$225.99 - $250.99

High-Anxiety Dogs | Precision Lasercut | Powder-Coated Steel

The complete GUNNER® Kennel Chew Kit is intended for those that travel with their dog. Each crate is built with the highest quality materials and engineered to precision. Extreme chewers, high-anxiety dogs and high-drive K9s may need additional protection from destroying the GUNNER® G1 Kennel, and that's where this chew kit comes in handy! The lasercut, black powder-coated steel covers further protect the GUNNER® dog crate against damage taken on from chewing.

The Intermediate/Large Chew Kit - Full Set, comes with 5 pieces to protect the top and bottom half of the G1 kennel door, the 2 side windows, and the 1 back window.

Note: GUNNER® Kennel dog carrier is sold separately.

For protection on the windows only, we offer the GUNNER® Kennel Window Chew Kit. Additional protection for the GUNNER® G1 Kennel door is NOT included in this kit.

Product Features:
  • Additional layer of protection for high-axiety dogs that bite and chew
  • Lasercut, black powder-coated steel covers
  • Complete 5-piece protection
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Built to last a lifetime
Made in USA