CoolK9 A/C System | Universal K9 Cooling Unit | Vehicle Air Circulation

CoolK9 A/C System

Ray Allen Manufacturing


A/C System | Safe K9 Vehicle Transport | Police & Working Dogs

The CoolK9 A/C System is designed to be installed and used with the Cruise Eze K9 vehicle inserts. It keeps the kennel area cool (or warm) by re-directing a portion of the vehicle's air conditioning (or heating). This vehicle-adapted A/C system is somewhat universal and can be used in most vehilces while transporting your K9 to work, a competition, adventure, or out on a hunt. 

The dash cap snaps onto the A/C vent on most vehicles, while the rear kennel discharge port installs easily with zip-ties (included). The CoolK9 A/C System comes with 6' of hose and is easily disconnected by squeezing the Dash Cup spring clip.

Studies have shown CoolK9 keeps the rear area of most vehicles at least 10 degrees cooler than normal. 

Compatible with 2013-2023 Ford Explorer, 2013-2023 Interceptor SUV, Dodge Charger 2012+ model, or use the Universal Fit unit for all other car models including 2011 or older Dodge Chargers.