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Batons And Whips

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Premium Training Aids From Ray Allen. Batons And Whips: Premium Training Aids From Ray Allen. Reed Schlagstock, Durable Schlagstock, Padded Schlagstock, Popper, Lexan Whip, Padded Stick And Whip Combination, Whip Drop, Bamboo Baton.

A) RA81 - Reed Schlagstock - Very flexible, light, inexpensive and easy to handle. 3/8" to 5/8" diameter and 30" long.

B) RA82 - Polycarbonate Clear Plastic Stick - The perfect stick! Foam handle and extremely flexible, outlasting dozens of reed sticks. 24" long.

C) RA83 - Padded Schlagstock - Durable schlagstock is padded, then covered in leather to create a loud, soft strike. 1" diameter and 24" long. All seams meet VDH rules.

D) RA88 - Popper - Incredibly long lasting. Gives whips a loud effective POP. 12" long.

E) RA84 - Lexan Whip - Almost unbreakable, outlasting dozens of willow whips. 24" long with 30" drop and popper.

F) RA85 - Padded Stick And Whip Combination - Dual purpose whip with a durable core that is padded and covered with soft leather - 24" long with 30" drop and popper.

G) RA87 - Whip Drop With Popper - Replacement drop for all our whips - incredibly loud!

H) RA86 - Bamboo Baton - The handle and tips are wrapped to avoid splintering. The 60-65cm baton is split in fourths for a loud barrage.

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