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Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Company of Animals

$22.99 - $35.99

Full protection | Flexible | Great for training purposes

This muzzle features the coverage of a basket muzzle and the flexibility of plastic.

Benefits to handler:
  • Use for protecting wounds, handling and grooming, preventing scavenging, resolving behavioral problems and for supervised freedom for aggressive dogs or for off duty-police dogs
Benefits to dog:
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible plastic won’t put pressure on nose and won’t irritate skin
Product specifications:
  • Safety strapping with two additional points of secure attachment so that the muzzle will stay in place
  • Adjustable fit with a loop at the bottom for attaching a regular collar
  • 11” circumference

To fit your dog for size please measure around the widest part of your dog's nose. To make sure there is enough space place your index finger between your dog's nose and the measuring tape. Determine the length and choose from a size below:
Size 3: 11" circumference
Size 4: 12.3" circumference
Size 5: 13.7" circumference
Size 6: 16" circumference


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About The Company of Animals:

Back in 1979, The Company of Animals was created by Dr. Roger Mugford who is now a world renowned animal psychologist. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. At its headquarters the Company of Animals has a Training and Behavior Center that is regarded on of the best in England.
Here, all levels of dog training, behavior consultations, and the settling of pet legal issues happen making it a great place for continuous research and development.
The organization also distributes products from other brands like Nina Ottosson's interactive games. Some of the products they sale include muzzles, car accessories, treats, feeders, and training collars.