Ball On A Rope

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Great Floatable Dog Toy Ray Allen's Ball On A Rope is a great floatable dog toy. Available with a biothane rope or nylon handle. Shop Ray Allen Manufacturing for your dog toys.

Ray Allen Ball On A Rope is a fun, floatable dog toy with an attached rope or handle. The ball is 3 inches in diameter and is made of eurothane, which is safe for pets. The dimples in the ball allows for a better grip on the ball. It is not hard so your dog will not get injured while playing.

You have a choice of the flat 1/2 inch biothane or the nylon web handle. Both attachments pass through the ball so it will not fall off the handle. The rope attachment allows for the ball to move up and down to allow you to grab the toy from the opposite end. The nylon web handle is 1" and the knot at the end does not allow the ball to move up and down.

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