Standard Leather Muzzle

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Preferred Muzzle By Law Enforcement and Military! Leather Dog Muzzle with reinforced nose piece and padded liner for comfort is a favorite for police and military K9 handlers. Shop Ray Allen for your Dog Muzzles.

Signature K9 Exclusive

Standard Leather Dog Muzzle is constructed with steel reinforced nose piece and a padded liner to provide comfort for your K9. Preferred muzzle for law enforcement and military K9 handlers.

Size Chart:
Medium Narrow - Fits Malinois: 60 - 80lbs
Medium - Fits GSD: 65 - 80lbs
Large Narrow - Fits Malinois: 80 - 100lbs
Large - Fits GSD: 80 - 100lbs
XLarge - Fits a larger GSD: over 100lbs

Muzzle Comparison Chart

MuzzleDrinkingVentilationVet SafetyAdjustableAgitationPrice
Nylon Mesh Muzzle do not use $9.99 - $11.99
RAM Mesh Muzzle do not use $22.99
Wire Basket Muzzle $29.99
Black Plastic Muzzle $29.99 - $39.99
Clear Plastic Muzzle $35.99 - $40.99
RAMLite Muzzle $46.99
Military Safety Muzzle $51.99
Military Standard Muzzle $51.99
Standard Leather Muzzle $59.99
European Style Muzzle $84.99
RAM Agitation Muzzle $129.99
Custom Design RAM Agitation Muzzle $159.99
Leather Basket Muzzle $165.99
German Muzzle $289.99
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