Patrol Kit

$549.99 549.99

K9 Patrol Kit features over a dozen products such as, Tracking Lines, Kongs, Water Bowls and so much more. Buy this K9 Patrol Kit at Ray Allen Manufacturing.

The Patrol Kit Includes:

  • 5qt Stainless Steel Food Bowl
  • Water Hole Bowl
  • Dual-Sided Stainless Steel Shedding Blade
  • Firm Curved Slicker Brush - Large
  • European Style Working Muzzle
  • 3mm Chrome Pinch Collar 18"
  • 4mm Long Link Fur Saver Chrome
  • 6' x 3/4" Braided Leather Leash
  • 15' x 1' Tubular Nylon Tracking
  • 30' x 1' Tubular Nylon Tracking Line
  • Modular Duty Harness
  • (2) PVC Police Patch (Yellow-Black)
  • One Black Large Extreme KONG
  • One KONG Extreme Goodie Bone
  • Large Leather Tracking Harness
  • Intermediate Sleeve
  • Low Profile Hidden Sleeve
  • (1) 12" x 2" Suit Tug One Handle
  • Bamboo Clatter Stick
  • Ball On a Rope
  • 6qt Round Stainless Steel Pail

Choose Right or Left Arm Sleeve, and choose collar length based on your dog's neck size.

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