Dogtra Edge E-Collar

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All Your Standard Features Plus More! Dogtra Edge E-Collar is a new addition to the Dogtra line of electronic dog collars. Has the same standard features plus seven new features.

NOTE: This product will only ship to the billing address. Dogtra Edge E-Collar comes with the features you can expect to find such as a 1-mile range, Nick/Constant/non-stimulating pager vibration modes, fully waterproof, belt clip capability, 2-hour rapid charge batteries and extendable contact points.

Dogtra Edge features:
*Interchangeable intensity dial
*Selector/step style with stimulation levels 1–8
*Location light with 4 selectable colors
*User expandable for a two, three, or four-dog system
*Replaceable batteries
*LCD screen

Note: All Electronic Dog Collars Will Require A Signature Upon Delivery.

E-Collar Comparison Chart

Stim Levels
Stim Levels
Intensity Dial
ExpandabilityLCD DisplayTonePrice
Dogtra 200C 1/2 mile 100 100 Yes No* No No $189.99
Dogtra 280C 1/2 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes Yes $214.99
Dogtra Combo 1/2 mile 8 8 No No* No Yes $219.99
Dogtra 1900S 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $239.99
Dogtra Advance 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $259.99
Dogtra Super X 1 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $319.99
Dogtra IQ 400 yards 100 100 No 2 dogs No No $179.99
Dogtra ARC 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes 2 dogs Yes No $234.99
Dogtra Edge 1 mile 127 127 Yes 4 dogs Yes No $399.99
Dogtra Edge RT 1 mile 8 8 No 3 dogs No No $349.99
Garmin Delta Sport XC 3/4 mile 36 36 No 3 dogs Yes Yes $219.99
Garmin Pro 70 1 mile 6 None No 6 dogs No Yes $299.99
Garmin Pro 550 1 mile 21 21 No 3 dogs No Yes $399.99
* 2-dog units of the Dogtra 1900S, Dogtra Advance, Dogtra Super X and Dogtra 280C Platinum exist as separate models. ALL collars feature a rechargeable battery and are waterproof, except for the Dogtra IQ transmitter which is NOT waterproof.
Collar Vibration: ONLY offered on the Garmin Pro 70 and Garmin Pro 550. All units have a Level Boost Button except for Garmin Pro 70.
Warranties: Dogtra e-collars feature a limited lifetime warranty. Garmin e-collars feature a 1-year warranty.
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