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CoolK9 A/C System for Cruise-Eze Units

Ray Allen Manufacturing


A/C System | Safe K9 Vehicle Transport | Police & Working Dogs

The CoolK9 A/C System for Cruise-Eze Units is designed for your dog’s kennel to cool when it’s in your vehicle. It keeps the kennel area cool (or warm) by re-directing a portion of the vehicle's air conditioning (or heating). This vehicle-adapted A/C system is also great for transporting your K-9 to work in your own vehicle or transporting show, adventure, or hunting dogs. 

The dash cap snaps onto the A/C vent on most vehicles, while the rear kennel discharge port installs easily with zip-ties (included). The CoolK9 A/C System comes with 6' of hose and is easily disconnected by squeezing the Dash Cup spring clip.

Studies have shown CoolK9 keeps the rear area of a police car at least 10 degrees cooler than normal. 

Select the Crown Victoria model, 2013-2019 Ford Explorer, 2013-2019 Interceptor SUV, Dodge Charger 2012+ model, or use the Universal Fit unit for all other car models including 2011 or older Dodge Chargers.

Made in USA