Ray Allen Nylon Service Collar with Metal Buckle - Lightweight Dog Collar

Ray Allen Nylon Service Collar with Metal Buckle - Lightweight Dog Collar

May 5th 2020

Ray Allen’s Nylon Service Collar with Raptor Buckle is a perfect day-in-day-out dog collar that can easily transition your working dog to life at home. It is a lightweight collar that mirrors some of Ray Allen’s similar Service Collars- without the bulky material- and also serves as a more price-sensitive option.

Compare to our Nylon Cobra Buckle agitation collar, which uses type-8 webbing, or our Leather and Nylon agitation collar, which is crafted from 10/12 ounce leather and 1” molle.

Its Raptor Buckle features a smaller slider piece, which allows our manufacturers to use a thinner material, like this collar’s type-13 webbing and washable nylon, so the collar does not sit so heavily on your dog’s neck.

We’ve added a substantial sheet of Velcro, so you can attach ID panels or customized placards. Proudly show off that you are a police K9 unit, state patrol, service dog, or military. Ray Allen makes a wide variety of decorative patches and pins to match any working K9 discipline, profession, or personality.

The nylon is fully adjustable for neck sizes up to 25", and the collar is 1.75 inches wide. We’ve had customers tell us they’ve started out their Great Dane puppy in this collar and it adjusted with the dog to accommodate his neck size all the way into adulthood. It is ideal for stronger, working dogs like Malinois and Dobermans.

The Raptor Buckle is a substantial piece of hardware that loads at 7,000 lbs. And can take the force of a heavy puller without bending or stressing. Weight of the buckle pulls the lightweight material of the collar down to align with the V-ring and the handle, so you can easily grab and control your K9, or clip into the V-Ring quickly, whether you’re guiding your dog up into a vehicle, getting him ready for a walk, or preparing him for duty. His ID tags or leash clip won’t be a distraction as he walks or works.

The ears on the Raptor Buckle won’t accidentally come unclipped with strain or if your dog bumps into something, so the collar will stay securely on even the most active dogs tracking or running through brush, in rally, or at the dog park.

Because the V-Ring is stitched right onto main body of the collar, when the dog pulls, the ring pulls flat and doesn’t twist the collar or tangle a lead, making the Nylon Service Collar a nice piece of tracking or agitation equipment, and simply makes a more comfortable piece of equipment for your companion.

See Ray Allen’s own Matt A give a demonstration on our Youtube Channel, and you can view the collar on a dog’s neck at: 1:18.


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