5.11 Tactical - Overwatch Carry On

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5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry bag can be used as a garment bag, duffle bag, or as a shooting platform. It is spacious and durable. Visit Ray Allen Manufacturing for more usable features of this 5.11 Tactical Bag.
The Overwatch Carry On duffel bag is a versatile and adaptable carryall that can be used as a shooting platform, garment bag, or travel luggage. Crafted from rugged and weather resistant nylon, the Overwatch Carry On stands up to tough environments while keeping your gear safe and stable. A removable shoulder strap and grab-and-go handle are both reinforced for superior durability, an integrated shooter's mat provides a stable firing platform, and the main garment storage compartment offers cinch-down straps that can be used to secure clothing or a compact assault rifle. A laser-cut micro loop internal web platform allows you to customize your storage options for any situation, while a hanger pass-through keeps your dress clothes secure. From business travel to tactical missions, the Overwatch is the last carry on duffel bag you'll ever need.
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