5.11 Tactical - NBT Duffle Lima

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Spacious 5.11 Tactical travel duffle Lima bag offers a removable shoulder strap, a mesh bag for personal items and a lot more. Shop Ray Allen Manufacturing for your 5.11 Tactical Bags.
NBT Duffle Lima bag is best used as a gym bag, weekend bag, tactical bag, gear storage bag, or a travel bag. This bag is durable and waterproof.

Useful features of the NBT Duffle Lima Bag are:
*Removable shoulder bags
*3 sets of grab and go handles for multiple carry options
*Modular system for personal customization
*Compression straps at the front and rear to secure during transport
*Mesh pocket bag for toiletries or small items

NBT Duffle Lima Bag measurements: 12"H x 24"L x 12"Wx 3114 Cubic Inches
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