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RAM-Tech Leather Alternative Police Lead

Item # 8172P


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The most revolutionary K-9 product to come along in years!

This new lead is perfect for any job because of its unmatchable durability, wide functionality, and appreciated comfort. Like all of the RAM-Tech leads, you've got to try it to believe it.

Available in 6' lengths with a floating stainless steel O-ring and stainless steel snaps on both ends for various uses and needs. The D-rings allow for lead lengths of 41", 51", 60" and 72" from one lead. You're gonna love it!

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Date Posted: 2013-03-27 18:48:17

heavy, lots of hardware

Posted by: Ben

Location: Nevada, USA, NV United States

This biothane type lead is very heavy. The RAM-tech material seems quite a bit heavier than leather of the same size, but it stronger so you can use a 1/2" line for very strong dogs. This lead is sized to match a leather lead in appearance, which means is is stronger and heavier than it needs to be. It also has tons of hardware on it. The thing I don't like is how when the lead goes from taught to slack, all that hardware smacks the dog's back. The scissor snap here is HS and nickel-plated (not chrome-plated or stainless). Compared to chrome it looks slightly yellowish instead of bluish. The bolt snap is stainless.