All-Around Bite Bar Sleeve

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Customer Requested Bite Bar Sleeve

A perfect sleeve that will fill a gap in your sleeve training progression. This is a medium weight barrel sleeve with a squared-off bite bar, different than a wedge style found in many other sleeves. It provides a bit more crush resistance than the 304 - Ultra Training Sleeve, but is not nearly as firm as the 153 - Bite Bar Sleeve. An all-around solid training sleeve offering clean movement, long-lasting durability and a solid step up in bite strength training. Compatible with any of our Bite Sleeve Covers .

Available for right or left arm.

Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Grip
Versatility Price
Jute Basic Yes Yes No Yes $129.99
Jute Stage 3 Yes Yes No Yes $139.99
Ultra Level 2 Yes Yes Yes No $132.99
Ultra Level 3 No Yes Yes No $144.99
Ultra Level 4 No Yes Yes No $149.99
All-Around Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No $169.99
Ambidextrous Bite Bar No Yes Yes No $184.99
Compression Bite Bar Yes Yes Yes No $139.99
Trial Sleeve No Yes Yes No $144.99
Manitou Sleeve No Yes Yes No $184.99