Garmin Alpha 100 GPS

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Long Range Tracking Device Garmin Alpha 100 GPS with Tri-Tronics E Collar can provide the exact location of up to 20 dogs or hunters' within a 9 mile range. Visit Ray Allen Manufacturing to find more details about this Garmin GPS Dog Collar.

The Garmin Alpha 100 GPS with Tri-Tronics® Dog Collar is an easy to use handheld system that allows you to track and train your dogs in the field and deliver their exact position as often as every 2.5 seconds. The Alpha 100 and Tri-Tronics® 10 allow you to track up to 20 dogs or hunters' exact positions. The Garmin GPS unit is large and has a glove- friendly touchscreen display. The unit comes preloaded with 100,000 U.S. TOPO maps.

Garmin Alpha 100 features:
*Measure dog's speed, distance and direction of travel
*Receive notifications when a dog is "Treed" or "On Point"
*Easy to access training buttons
*Communicate separately to each dog
*18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation *Audible tone command
*Lockout setting is available to avoid accidental stimulation or tone
*Two modes of level progression
*Traditional stimulation levels (Low, Medium, High)
*Linear stimulation through all 18 levels
*Ability to switch to Rescue Mode to prolong the battery life.
*Range of up to 9 miles of flat and unobstructed terrain
*Durable and waterproof.

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